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Domestic Market

  Market-oriented, customer-centric, and constantly improve the marketing and service network. In order to allow more domestic and foreign customers to understand the Federation, to understand and use the "Shanyuan" brand series of products, in many regions at home and abroad with a marketing service network. In order to meet the needs of the market and regard the interests of customers as the center and think of what customers think, Cheng Ming has cultivated a highly-comprehensive, professional and technical composite marketing team with a high level of overall quality. No matter where you are located, our experienced marketing staff and after-sales service personnel will be proactive and quick to provide you with perfect services, always allowing customers to stand on top of wealth.

  The Federal Heavy Industry Group is leading the product resource treatment of scrap crusher equipment and ore crushing equipment with a number of service branches in Ningxia, Yunnan, Xinjiang, and Guizhou.