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Federal Heavy Industries' innovative service model is committed to ensuring the efficient operation of products and production lines by technical means;
The traditional pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service will be upgraded to "customer support operation centers" that provide comprehensive technical support.

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  Service is our core competitiveness, and it is an important support for the company's development and growth in more than 20 years. It has continuously learned success and failure experience in the crusher equipment industry for more than 20 years. In terms of hardware, professionalism, and team loyalty, the company has become increasingly experienced. It has enabled a group of federal people from youth to middle-aged to become experienced service leaders. Our service concept is people-oriented, and these talents use life to interpret the quality of service. The spirit also continues to influence the new federal people for higher quality services.
  1. When you are fortunate enough to visit and investigate, we will provide you with a luxurious business shuttle service. We will work closely with you to investigate the project cases that are close to your production line. There are garden restaurants and tea rooms in the factory area dedicated to customer consultation and negotiation. .
  2. The 120,000-square-meter manufacturing base and the 60,000-square-meter foundry machinery parts processing base on the Federal Road in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Linyi City visited the scientific research building and marketing service building, and deciphered the Federal World Headquarters.
  3. After fully understanding your needs, we will visit the site of your project. Professional design can save you operating costs; rich scrap crushing, stone crushing and screening experience, for which we have accumulated more than 20 years, only for Make you more satisfied.
  4. On-time delivery, inventory crushing production line configuration equipment bill of materials.
  5. Our technical service personnel will strictly guide your basic construction and installation, complete our commitment to quality and operation, guarantee the training of production line operators on the site, and recall the dispatched engineers one month after the normal production of the crushing production line. In the future, you will have better operations, save costs and lay a foundation for the future. In the future, parts supply and technical services will run through the entire project life cycle.