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Construction waste reuse into a hot spot, mobile broken show! The similarities and differences of two big mobile broken stations, a piece of broken!

Construction waste reuse into a hot spot, mobile broken show! The similarities and differences of two big mobile broken stations, a piece of broken!

There are two types of mobile crushing stations, namely, wheel type and caterpillar type. The design concept of mobile crushing station eliminates the obstacles brought by crushing site, environment, multifarious basic configuration and multifarious logistics, so it is welcomed by more and more users. Based on the similarities and differences of the two mobile crushing stations, this paper analyzes their characteristics and advantages.

Similarity analysis

Both mobile crushing stations have common characteristics, such as:

1, flexible, save time

The mobile crusher can reach the mining site directly and is not affected by the site change. It can start the operation after the station adjustment in a short time. Due to the small size of the equipment, it is especially suitable for the narrow place of the crushing site. At the same time, it eliminates the tedious steel frame structure when broken, the foundation construction, saves a lot of time.

2. Integrated unit

The integration unit equipment installation form, eliminates the multifarious site infrastructure installation operation of the separate assembly, reduces the material, the man-hour consumption, is the collection receives the material, the crushing, the transmission and so on craft equipment as one production line. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of site stationing.

3. Reduce the transportation cost of materials

Mobile crushing station can process materials on site without having to move them away from the site for reprocessing, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.

4. Flexible combination and complete functions

According to actual production requirements of users with the corresponding equipment, for a variety of combination, can form from broken screen ", also can form "screen before breaking process, can be assembled into coarse crushing, fine grinding two stage crushing screening system, also can be combined into coarse crushing, crusher, finely three stage crushing screening system, still can run independently, there is a great deal of flexibility.

Differential contrast

In addition to the above common features, the two also have their own unique advantages, we compare from the following aspects:

1. Power of action

In fact, the wheeled mobile crushing station cannot be called as the mobile crusher completely, because its transfer field movement is dependent on the semi-hanging locomotive for traction, so in terms of power, it is not as good as the crawler mobile crushing station driven by its own hydraulic pressure.

2. Applicable site

Due to the use of vehicle-mounted traction, the tyred mobile crushing station is more suitable for the crushing of various sand and stone materials in some construction waste treatment, earthwork works, urban infrastructure and road construction, construction and other industries.

Crawler type mobile crusher chassis adopts crawler type rigid ship structure, with high strength, low grounding ratio, good permeability, good adaptability to mountainous areas and wetlands, and even slope climbing operation, so it is mostly used in some mining, open-pit coal mining and other harsh operating environment. However, because it is convenient and fast to move, it is also more widely used in the crushing and processing of urban construction waste, and the production of many mining machinery manufacturers is mainly based on crawlers.

3. Work efficiency

Rubber-tyred mobile crushing station, because of the fixed frame at the bottom of the hydraulic leg, so increased the stability of the site, the stability is the foundation of the mobile crushing plant, good stability make site can be equipped with large crusher equipment, that is to say rubber-tyred mobile crushing plant can undertake large material crushing operation, and high work efficiency.

The stability of crawler mobile crushing station is weak, which leads to its higher efficiency in crushing capacity than that of tire moving crushing station.

4. Equipment performance

Short wheelbase, small turning radius, no damage to the road surface, can be flexible driving on the general highway and operating area.


Crawler type mobile crushing station USES crawler to walk, can realize in situ turning, standard configuration, through wireless remote control, easy to drive the crusher to the trailer, and transport it to the operation site.

5. Finished product effect

At present, mobile crushing station is applied to the crushing treatment of construction waste, and the recycled aggregate granule produced by mobile is good, which is conducive to recycling. The semi-open discharging system is suitable for crushing construction waste containing a small amount of steel bar, with fine discharging, little over-crushing and good particle forming, especially suitable for producing environmental protection bricks.

6, the price is

Generally speaking, the price of crawler mobile crushing station is more expensive than that of the same series of wheeled mobile crushing station.

To sum up, both the wheeled and tracked mobile crushing stations have their own characteristics, which should be selected according to the production requirements of users. With the pursuit of efficiency and convenience, mobile crushing stations will be more widely used in all walks of life. The characteristics of these two kinds of mobile crushing stations will be understood to lay a foundation for the current or future equipment selection.