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7 ways to improve the production efficiency of cone bursting, each of them is very important.

7 ways to improve the production efficiency of cone bursting, each of them is very important.

High-capacity, high-efficiency equipment is what every user wants, but in addition to the equipment itself, the operation in production is also closely related to its efficiency. Take taper fracture as an example, the following production Suggestions can improve the efficiency to some extent and obtain large capacity.

Adjust the size of the outlet to change the output

The output of the equipment can be achieved by adjusting the size of the outlet with closed side.

When the size of closed side discharge port is larger, the yield of broken cone is higher and the quality of finished product is worse. On the contrary, the smaller the size of the outlet, the smaller the output and the better the quality of the finished products. Therefore, manufacturers can adjust according to their actual needs.

Uniform feeding with belt conveyor

When feeding, the belt conveyor is required to input materials uniformly, and the materials should meet the requirements of cone crusher for crushing materials. Too much or too little feeding will affect the production efficiency of the equipment.

In addition, operators need to pay close attention to the discharge of the cone crusher discharge, control the belt conveyor speed, to ensure the normal feeding and discharge.

3. It's better to pack the feed

When installing the feeding device, attention should be paid to the relationship between the speed of ore entering the crusher and the corresponding drop. Usually, because the conveyor speed is unchanged, can choose only the height of the ore drop. At the same time, attention should be paid to feed less and less, to control the height of the mine pile in the feeding device.

4. Reduce ore entering cylinder liner and extend the service life of sealing ring

Every time the liner is replaced, check whether the moving cone dustproof sealing ring is intact. Normally, when the wear gap between the dustproof sealing ring and the sliding ring is greater than 1.5mm, the dustproof sealing ring should be replaced to prevent the mining powder entering the cylinder liner and causing damage to the main shaft and other parts.

5. Oil temperature should be balanced

Because the main shaft, eccentric sleeve, eccentric shaft, rack bearing and spindle adjustment piston, sliding bearing surface, gear rotation and other crusher main lubrication parts of the lubrication and heat dissipation mainly rely on the lubrication system to complete, so it is very important to choose the right cooling cooling device.

6 pay attention to the bolt fixation of dustproof sealing slip ring

When the material piled up on the beam is not cleaned up in time, the bolts attached to the sliding ring move together with the material piled up, causing the wear of the bolt tail. If there is any problem with the fixing condition of the slip ring, serious technical inspection must be carried out to avoid the bad consequences caused by the fall off of the slip ring.

Regular inspection and maintenance to extend equipment life

1) check the water cooler, filter and oil pump of the equipment regularly, and measure the oil temperature. Generally speaking, the oil return temperature is not more than 60 degrees, which is not good for the equipment;

2) regularly check the drainage of water seal and dustproof of cone crusher. Once there is no water or little water, stop the machine in time, otherwise it will seriously affect the equipment;

3) every time, the operator should check the cone crusher locking cylinder oil pressure, especially in the case of serious wear of the lining plate, should pay attention to adjust the lining plate fixing bolt on the ring, once loose will lead to the lining plate loose. For the newly changed lining plate, it is necessary to stop and tighten once after working 24 hours.

4) during the operation of the equipment, check whether the foundation subsidence or steel frame deformation causes the suspension of individual shock absorbers at the bottom, and no force causes the machine to swing greatly.

5) check the wear condition of conical broken ball tile, cone sleeve, straight sleeve, upper friction disc, bevel gear and liner regularly, and check the state of all bolts and fasteners.