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Federal heavy industry 500 tons of hydraulic steel scrap gantry cutting sent to huainan, anhui

Federal heavy industry 500 tons of hydraulic steel scrap gantry cutting sent to huainan, anhui

Federal heavy industries' workers were more energized, with production and shipping busy. On July 8, 2019, another large truck slowly drove into the workshop of federal heavy industries. 500 tons of large hydraulic longmen scissors are ready to be loaded and shipped to huainan, anhui province. Our technicians will arrive at the production site in advance to provide more professional technical guidance for the installation, use and after-sales service of longmen scissors.

The delivery on site

Characteristics of the equipment

1, the use of upper compression and compression on both sides of scrap shaping and segmenting feeding mode, coupled with the design of wide box, so good adaptability to scrap raw materials, high compactness after shearing.

2, the material box opening area is large, suitable for mechanical feeding, suitable for loose thin scrap steel and steel structure parts, especially suitable for steel pipe, steel plate, channel steel and other profile cutting.


3, the use of screen display control panel, automatic integrated control, smooth and reliable operation. Optional wireless remote control device, single control production line equipment.

4, the use of reliable large flow logic valve control, independent filtration and cooling system, can ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the system. The integrated application of constant power variable and differential fast technology can ensure the output and save about 25% energy. The energy consumption of ton steel processing is lower than the industry standard.

Thank anhui customers for our company's trust and support, I wish customers early production, business prosperity!

Shandong federal heavy industry co., LTD., as a professional sand and stone equipment, renewable resources equipment manufacturer, has always been strict about quality, technology and service, to bring customers more guaranteed equipment and more intimate after-sales service. I believe that in the future development of the road, the federation of heavy trade unions and old and new customers hand in hand into a more brilliant tomorrow!