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3 trucks and 6 crushers completed debugging in the factory and delivered smoothly

3 trucks and 6 crushers completed debugging in the factory and delivered smoothly

On the afternoon of Aug. 7, 2019, three trucks loaded with six crushers pulled slowly out of the factory to the production sites. A total of 6 sets of equipment are shipped this time, including 2 1215 hammer crushers sent to anhui; 1 1412 hammer crusher and 1 1210 hammer crusher were sent to hebei; One 250*1200 jaw crusher and one 500*750 jaw crusher were sent to hubei. Our technical service personnel will arrive at each site in advance to provide professional guidance for equipment installation and maintenance!

Jaw crusher

Suitable materials: granite, basalt, limestone, coal mine, construction waste, river pebble, metal ore, etc.

Performance advantages:

1. Low noise and dust;

2. Large crushing ratio and uniform product granularity;

3. Simple structure, reliable work and low operating costs;

4, lubrication system is safe and reliable, easy replacement of components, simple maintenance of equipment;

5. The crushing cavity is deep and has no dead zone, which improves the feeding capacity and output;

6, equipment energy saving, single machine energy saving 15%~30%, system energy saving more than twice;

7. Large adjustment range of discharge port, which can meet different user requirements.

Hammer crusher


Scope of application: sand and stone yard, mining, coal mining, etc.

Performance advantages:

1. High output and large crushing ratio, the blasting material is broken to less than 70mm at one time, and the output is as high as 200 tons/hour for a single machine;

2. Wide application, large output, good grain shape of finished products, many polygons, few needle sheets and low stone powder content to 13%, it is the best choice for crushing concrete aggregate;

3, low energy consumption, energy saving, energy saving more than 50%, only need a motor;

4, simple operation, high degree of automation, easy maintenance, improve the labor intensity of workers;

5. Patented structure: the rotor adopts double belt pulley structure, which increases the inertia and stability of the rotor, reduces the wear of worn parts and reduces the production cost.

How to choose the right crusher equipment?

The crushing ratio of hammer and jaw is large, the structure is simple, and the output is high. The former crushes the material by the impact action, the finished material grain type is more uniform, the needle slice content is less, the limitation lies in not suitable hard rock crushes, the hammer head wears quickly. Jaw crusher is suitable for all kinds of hardness materials, the limitation is that the grain type is not ideal. After it is worth mentioning is the hammer crusher in breaking limestone, bluestone and other soft rocks, set crushing and shaping functions in one, can achieve the effect of two broken top.

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