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4 reasons and solutions for slow feeding of vibration feeder can be understood quickly, including installation and maintenance of vibration feeder

4 reasons and solutions for slow feeding of vibration feeder can be understood quickly, including installation and maintenance of vibration feeder

Vibration feeder, also known as vibration feeder, in the production process, can be block, granular materials from the storage bin uniform, timing, continuous feeding to the receiving device, which is widely used in metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, abrasive and other industries crushing, screening equipment. This paper summarizes the structure, working principle, reasons of slow feeding and installation and maintenance of vibration feeder.

Vibration feeder equipment structure

Vibration feeder is composed of vibration frame, vibration body, vibration motor, vibration shaker, spring (spring is divided into vibration spring and support spring).

Main view (left) left view (right)

1- flexible sealing cover 2- resonator 3- bracket 4- activated cone 5- shock spring 6- shock shaker 7- vibration motor 8- spring balancer 9- flexible sealing cover 10- exit tube 11- support spring

Working principle of vibration feeder

Vibrating feeder is to use the vibrator centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the eccentric block, cause the sieve, vibrators and other moving parts as the compulsory or approximate the continuous circular movement, drive shaft, driven by a motor through the triangle again by gear meshing driven shaft rotation on the drive shaft, the main, driven shaft rotate reverse at the same time, make the tub vibration, a continuous flow of material, to achieve the purpose of conveying material.

Three, vibration feeder feeding slow reasons

1. Insufficient inclination of chute

Solution: adjust the installation Angle. Select fixed positions at both ends of the feeder according to field conditions.

2. The included angles of eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibration motor are inconsistent

Solution: adjust by checking whether the two vibration motors are consistent.

3. The vibrating motor vibrates in the same direction

Solution: the wiring of one of the vibration motors should be adjusted to ensure that the two motors run in reverse and the vibration path of the vibration feeder is straight.

4, vibration motor excitation force is not enough


Solution: the position of the eccentric block can be adjusted by adjusting the excitation force to achieve by adjusting the phase of the eccentric block, the two eccentric blocks one is fixed and the other is movable, loosen the movable bolts of the eccentric block can be, when the phase of the two eccentric blocks coincide, the excitation force is the largest, reduce successively; During adjustment, the phase of the eccentric block of the same group of motors shall be ensured to be consistent.

Iv. Installation and maintenance of vibration feeder

1. Vibration feeder should be installed horizontally to ensure uniform and stable feeding and prevent spontaneous flow of materials when it is used for batching and quantitative feeding.

2. After installation, a 20mm swimming clearance shall be left for the feeder horizontally, and the suspension device shall be flexibly connected.

3. Before air test, all bolts should be tightened once, especially the anchor bolts of vibration motor, which should be tightened once again after continuous operation for 3-5 hours.

4. During the test, the two vibration motors must rotate in reverse. The stability of current and noise should be maintained.

5. Motor bearings should be lubricated once every two months, and lubricating oil should be lubricated once a month in high temperature season.

6, the feeder in the process of operation should often check the amplitude, the current of the vibration motor and the motor surface temperature, the requirements before and after the amplitude uniform, do not swing around, the vibration motor current is stable, such as abnormal situation, should immediately stop processing.


In production, the fault of vibration feeder may cause serious consequences, frequent maintenance and overhaul is an important means to extend the service life of the machine and ensure normal work, we should pay attention to it. The above is in view of vibration feeder equipment structure, working principle, the reason of slow feeding and the installation and maintenance of the organization, if the vibration feeder appears other problems, welcome to small message.