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[dry goods] temperature is getting lower and lower, how the crusher safe winter?

[dry goods] temperature is getting lower and lower, how the crusher safe winter?

In mining machinery, the crusher is the most common and commonly used equipment, coarse crushing, fine crushing and stone shaping need to use it. To ensure normal production, continuous, must first ensure the normal operation of the machine, do a good job of the crusher daily maintenance, especially in winter maintenance. Here, the federal heavy industry reminds users of friends before the arrival of winter to do a thorough inspection of the crusher, maintenance, to ensure the safety of the construction machinery winter.
No. 1
Crusher cleaning
Cleaning the appearance of the diesel engine, chassis and working device of the construction machinery can remove dirt and dirt. In the cleaning process, it is also possible to find the damage and leakage of oil and other problems of the devices and components, so as to do a good job in the early stage of the next maintenance. Do not use high pressure and high temperature water gun to wash the parts with high waterproof requirements, especially electrical parts, so as not to cause damage.
No. 2
Selection and replacement of oil
Fuel oil selection. In order to make the diesel engine work softly and reduce the oil consumption, the diesel with lower solidification point should be selected.
Replacement of diesel engine oil. Diesel engine should choose low temperature oil with low viscosity and high performance. This kind of oil is not easy to oxidization under high temperature, and will not leave sediments in the precise parts of the diesel engine, which can greatly extend the life of the diesel engine. Replace the oil at the same time, should replace or clean the oil filter.
Replace lubricating oil and grease. Seasonal maintenance, transmission, differential, steering gear oil into winter gear oil, pay attention to cleaning oil.
No. 3
Maintenance of parts
Maintenance of sand production line of diesel engine cooling system: check the working state of thermostat to prevent the diesel engine water temperature from being too low or too high; Remove scale inside water jacket; To choose below the construction machinery use area of the lowest temperature 10℃ or so long-acting antifreeze; As soon as the tank is found to have silt, remove it immediately.
Electrical equipment maintenance: check the battery motor wiring; Check and adjust electrolyte density; Maintain the starting motor and raise the charging voltage of the generator; Winter should often charge the battery, maintenance preheating device.
Maintenance of brake system: pay attention to whether the brake fluid is sufficient, whether the broken quality is poor; Check whether the oil and water separator, drain switch is working properly.
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