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Shandong federal heavy industry co., LTD. Carried out fire safety training

Shandong federal heavy industry co., LTD. Carried out fire safety training

To strengthen the management of the company fire safety, popularize knowledge of fire safety, further enhance the fire safety awareness of the broad masses of workers, on the afternoon of November 7, 2019, shandong federal heavy industry co., LTD. We invite professional fire fighters in the form of theory, graphic, case teaching, for the worker taught a vivid, practical fire prevention knowledge lecture.

Teacher training process, the fire extinguishing actual, easy type of fire of life, the use of the various kinds of fire extinguishing equipment, auto fire prevention, the safety of emergency evacuation and escape method, as well as in fire prevention and fire fighting matters needing attention and the relevant requirements, from theory to practice, comprehensive and detailed has carried on the simple explanation; And through the picture shows the use method of fire fighting tools such as fire blanket, smoke proof mask, escape rope, etc.

Four ways to put out a fire

1. Isolation method

By isolating or removing the place or object of fire from the surrounding combustibles, the combustion will cease for lack of combustibles.

2. Asphyxiation

Prevent air from flowing into the burning area or dilute the air with non-burning substances, so that the burner does not get enough oxygen to extinguish.

3. Cooling method

Spray the extinguishing agent directly onto the burner; To reduce the temperature of the combustion.

4. Chemical suppression method

The chemical extinguishing agent is sprayed into the combustion zone to participate in the chemical reaction of combustion, thus causing the combustion to stop.

Then fire teachers and staff came to the door of the workshop, the actual fire drill. In the drill, the use of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and other tools were explained in detail on site.

Through this fire safety training, make employees at work and in life time further enhance the "hidden risks in fire prevention is better than disaster relief, responsibility is more important than mount tai" fire protection consciousness, the company requires employees to do wake-up call, prevention first, extinguish combined with prevention, ensure the nip in the bud, safety in production for the company to create a good fire safety environment.