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8 major maintenance points, belt conveyor and scraper conveyor maintenance work in place, the efficiency is increased 3 times!

8 major maintenance points, belt conveyor and scraper conveyor maintenance work in place, the efficiency is increased 3 times!

Scraper conveyor and belt conveyor two kinds of mining machinery equipment is very important to coal mine production, in the process of use to strengthen the management and maintenance of these two kinds of equipment, to ensure the normal operation of coal mine production. Due to the particularity of coal mine production, the requirements for safe production are very high. This paper shares with you the maintenance and overhaul of belt conveyor and scraper conveyor.
1. Maintenance and overhaul of belt conveyor
1. Preparation before starting up
Belt conveyor in the boot, make full preparation before starting the work, should carry on the strict examination to the safe operation of power transmission system environment, to the surrounding environment clean, make sure that no dirt, pipeline is neat, and whether some of machinery and equipment protection in the protection of the normal state, the elastic tape should be strict to inform, to prevent the occurrence of various fault at run time.
2. Strict observation during operation
Belt conveyor in the process of operation, should be before starting the signal corresponding to start, after confirmed response to start, after the start, the operator should also be strictly observe boot after the mechanical equipment of various sound signal, ensure the smooth running tape, if in the process of running a tape location deviation, should be timely treatment.
(1) generally speaking, the belt conveyor will start when there is no load and stop after material unloading.
(2) when working or repairing the belt, the power must be turned off and locked.
(3) when leaving the conveyor, the operator should stop the machine and lock it, and the guardrail at the tail of the belt conveyor must be set on the side.
(4) when the belt conveyor is used for cleaning coal, debris or other work, it must contact with the nose, and the belt switch should be switched off and locked. After the processing is completed, the power can be input.
(5) do not clean coal, debris or other work when the belt is in operation.
(6) feed to the belt conveyor should be even, not too much material so that the feeding funnel is filled with materials and overflow.
(7) the workplace of the belt conveyor should be kept clean.
(8) ensure that the motor, hydraulic coupling and reducer have good heat dissipation conditions.
(9) check the working status of the cleaning equipment. The surface of the cleaned conveyor belt and the driving roller should not adhere to debris.
(10) during loading, the material should be placed in the middle of the conveyor belt and cannot be directly mounted at a higher height to avoid crushing the conveyor belt with large materials.
(11) in the process of operation, it should be noted not to start the equipment frequently.
(12) before operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the hydraulic linkage shaft is leaking oil. Once the leakage is found, timely treatment should be carried out, and the oil amount should be checked regularly. If the oil amount is insufficient, it should be supplemented in time.
(13) always check the tension of the wire rope of the machine body. If there is any slack, tighten it immediately. After tightening the rope, please pay attention to check that there is no deviation of the conveyor.
(14) the drum should be checked regularly, the grease ring should be filled with grease, and the flexible drum should be replaced immediately.
(15) the belt shall not slip along the driving roller, and the belt shall be tensioned immediately if it becomes loose.
(16) the deviation of the conveyor belt should be corrected immediately, and the edge of the grinding belt should not appear.
(17) to check the belt joint, it should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner, the wedge on the rope card should be tight.
(18) there should be no long iron in the conveying materials to avoid cutting off the conveying belt when the conveying belt is disconnected.
Maintenance and overhaul of scraper conveyor
4. Lay before use
In the use of the scraper conveyor before the laying, must ensure that the scraper conveyor flat laid, the joint is smooth and tight, in the concave for the relevant pad, can use wood, to ensure that the conveyor head and tail pressure column device is complete.
5. Overlap of working face and machine head
In the working face and scraper conveyor head overlap to take a reasonable way to maintain the height of more than 400mm, to ensure that the bottom chain does not pull back the material.
6. Inspection of parts and lubrication parts
(1) complete scraper and screws of the scraper conveyor shall be ensured, and the bridge shall be set at the position where pedestrians pass to ensure personal safety. Professional tighteners shall be used in the lifting and tightening of the conveyor to ensure rigorous work.
(2) during the management of the scraper conveyor, inspection and management of the conveyor chain should be carried out to ensure the proper tightness of the chain. Regular refueling should be carried out on the parts that need lubrication, and qualified grease should be used at the same time to ensure the lubrication of the chain. In the lubrication of the hydraulic coupler, should be power failure lockout, and should strictly use fusible alloy protection plug, can not use other items instead.
7. Matters needing attention in operation
(1) the operator of each scraper conveyor must be a professional person to operate.
(2) during operation, always pay attention to whether there is a weight in the scraper conveyor, and stop starting according to the signal.
(3) in case of failure and failure to operate, the scraper conveyor shall be shut down for inspection. It is strictly prohibited to start or reverse the scraper conveyor. It shall be strictly inspected to find out the cause of the failure and take corresponding treatment measures before starting up and running.
(4) matters needing attention when the scraper conveyor is transporting materials: voice signals can be used to communicate with the operator; Materials should be smooth and stable; There are large materials in the transport, personnel must observe the transport of materials along the way, timely transmission message or signal contact; Do not transport bent materials and overweight and ultra high materials with a scraper conveyor.
8. Maintenance of scraper conveyor and transfer machine
(1) in the process of equipment maintenance, standardized operation and maintenance shall be carried out strictly in accordance with relevant provisions of coal mine safety regulations, so as to ensure the accuracy and safety of the whole maintenance process. The maintenance of the conveyor and the support should be carried out in different places to ensure the safety of the maintenance environment.
(2) chain, chain device working will adjust the chain operation to stop about 3 meters away from the nose, the chain wedge fixed on the framework, the fourth conveyor reverse, a person close to the brake, waiting for it to reach the right position, tighten the brake and tighten the chain brake, make the conveyor to return to the forward position, mobile conveyor, slightly off the chain stop, and do a test run. The chain should be strictly in the order of the chain and personnel must avoid the direction of the chain. When tightening the chain, someone must seize the brake, do not loosen or operate the scraper conveyor.
(3) in the repair process of scraper conveyor, scraper conveyor operator should be on the head gob side of the conveyor to ensure the safety of the stent in good condition and reliability, in the distance reproduced machine tail to the location of the strict operation, in the nose the tail someone's care, in order to ensure the safety of the whole maintenance process.
(4) the scraper conveyor and the head of the conveyor shall be connected reasonably, and the material shall not be pulled back.
(5) the gearbox, the refueling part of the coupling and the exposed shaft of each equipment must be protected with iron. The protective device shall be intact and the machine tail shall be transferred. There shall be protective iron at the end of the working face conveyor and Bridges shall be frequently installed.
In the process of mining operations, and because of the bad environment of complexity, especially in the process of mechanical operation, high safety performance requirements for use, only strengthen the management of mining machinery equipment, ensure the safety of its use performance, can effectively improve the working efficiency of the coal mine production, to ensure production of coal mine economic benefit and social benefit.