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Shan source brand, trustworthy, 3 sets of equipment qi fa hubei!

Shan source brand, trustworthy, 3 sets of equipment qi fa hubei!

On November 27, a truck loaded with PF1214 impact crusher, PCD0808 and PCD1512 impact crusher slowly drove out of the workshop of federal heavy industries and was about to be sent south to hubei province. Keep improving the spirit of the craftsman and thoughtful after-sales service, let the old customers in hubei once again choose the federal heavy industry, choose the mountain source brand! Here, shandong federal heavy industry co., LTD. Thanks to the new and old customers to our company's product support, to the trust of the shanyuan brand, I wish the customer early production, source of revenue!
The delivery on site
Product features
Force crusher, also known as the hammer crusher, through the high-speed rotating rotor to drive the hammer head to crush the material to achieve the crushing effect, and through the sieve plate to adjust the size of the material. Force crusher with high yield, large crushing ratio, wear-resistant impact resistance and other advantages, is the best choice for crushing concrete and other aggregate. PCD0808 and PCD1512 delivered this time are special hammer crushers for mobile stations, among which PCD1512 produces up to 250 tons with a power of 160-200kw.
Counterattack crusher is often used for the crushing of granite, basalt, limestone, quartzite, coal mine, construction waste and other materials, using new wear-resistant materials, extended the service life of the plate hammer, counterattack plate, reduce the production cost, discharge particle size more uniform, suitable for all kinds of high hardness materials. The PF1214 impact crusher produces up to 180 tons with a power of 132-160kw.
Shandong federal heavy industry co., LTD. As a professional sand and gravel crushing equipment, renewable resources equipment manufacturers, give full play to the brand, technology, services and other advantages, adhering to the "promoting the value of resources, build a better society" concept, always put the quality of products and technology innovation as the first principle of enterprise development, to maximize customer value. Manufacturers direct sales, price concessions, cost-effective! Welcome interested and demanding customers to visit our factory for win-win cooperation!