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CZG series

CZG vibrating feeder scope of application: Widely used in building materials, mining, coal, chemical and other materials crushing industry, is the ideal matching equipment crushing machinery.
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First, the feed size is large, the maximum can reach 700 mm, and the output is high at the time of production.
Second, compact structure, stable vibration, reliable operation and long service life.
Third, the material can be pre-screened to remove various impurities.

The vibrating feeder conveys the main movement of the adjustment judging machine to the eccentric shaft through the V-belt. The eccentric shaft is connected with the body through the bearing and the seat. The rotational movement of the speed-regulating motor is transmitted to the machine body, and the front pivot point and the spring are used to convert the rotation movement. Complete vibration, so as to achieve the purpose of feeding.

Working principle

CZG is our company's second vibrating feeder, but also the simplest structure feeder on the market. At present, small and medium sized stone plants use this kind of feeder, which is characterized by its economy, Easy to maintain. Particularly suitable for material crushing industries such as building materials, mining, coal, and chemical industry, it is an ideal supporting equipment for crushing machinery.


Specifications Feed particle size(mm) Processing capacity(t/h) Slope angle(°) Power (kw) Dimensions(L*W*H) (mm)
CZG0828 ≤500 20-70 12 7.5 2740*850*1334
CZG1030 ≤600 30-100 12 11 2920*1227*1400
CZG1230 ≤700 40-130 12 15 1960*1360*1400
CZG1436 ≤700 50-180 12 22 3504*1620*1492