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DTII series

DTⅡ type (A) stationary belt conveyor is universal series products, which can be widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, electric power, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, food and machinery, conveying bulk density is 500 ~ 2500 kg/m3 and loose materials for various items, suitable environmental temperature is 20 ~ + 40 ℃.
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DTⅡ (A) type belt conveyor is DT Ⅱ modified and substitution of the belt conveyor, DTⅡ (A) type belt conveyor series is designed for the DT series Ⅱ type belt conveyor design comprehensive update, modify and complement, machine quality have greatly improved: redesigned the conical self-aligning roller, feed trough, head funnel, screw tension device and brackets, driving device, the problem such as vertical tension device frame parts;136 specifications of rollers and idlers are also added.Added adjustable groove Angle transition roller, block type vertical tension device and support the head and tail frame, light, hanger and leg, and roller, conveyor, washing device, in addition to water device, heavy discharging car and heavy warehouse conveyor and other auxiliary equipment components, specifications of belt conveyor from DT type Ⅱ 52 kinds of 1155 specifications to DTⅡ type (A) of 2316 91 kinds of specifications, each parts to form the complete series.The bearings, fasteners, special materials and manufacturing and assembling technical conditions used in the modified design are all in accordance with the latest national standards.


The belt conveyor is selected and combined according to the component series.According to the conveying process requirements, according to different terrain, working conditions selection design and combination of the whole conveyor.It can meet the requirements of horizontal and inclined transportation, or it can be combined with convex arc, concave arc and straight line.

The performance characteristics of

DTⅡ (A) type belt conveyor

specifications The belt width(mm) Transmission speed(m/s) throughput(m3/h) Conveying inclination(°)
DTII-1200 1200 1.0-5.0 593-2971 0-22
DTII-1400 1400 1.0-5.0 825-4130 0-22
DTII-1600 1600 2.0-5.6 2186-6122 0-22