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Metal crushing equipment

The production line is used for processing inferior scraps such as waste cars, tin plates, household appliances, bicycles, and empty cans.
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1. High crushing efficiency:
Using hydraulic feed and hammer hammer, ring hammer combination hammer, compared to other crusher equipment efficiency increased by 5%-15%.
2. Perfect finished particles:
Using a unique roller rubbing process, it significantly removes paint and other dirt to form high-density pellets, increasing the value by more than 30%.
3. Stable operation capability:
After the security door is set, after the unbreakable object enters the crushing chamber, the operator can open the security door and discharge it from the body to avoid damaging the crusher.
4. Advanced control system:
PLC control system and hydraulic power system, intelligent production save time and effort, to achieve a stable, automatic and safe operation of a full set of production lines.

The internal structure of the metal crusher: This series of metal crusher uses a combination of fixed knife and movable knife. The fixed knife is S-shaped and fixed on the top of the cutter head. When the material enters the casing, it plays the role of forced feeding and forced crushing. The moving knife is a hammerhead or a blade. When the material is severely torn by the fixed knife, the particles smaller than the screen mesh are finally formed in the hammering process with the rotation of the rotating disk, and leak into the material discharging port through the screen mesh. At the same time, it passes through the dust collector at the same time and thoroughly removes the paint and impurities so that the broken metal particles are clean and bright. Reduce pollution. The screen can be custom designed according to the material and user requirements.

Driven by a high-speed, high-torque motor, the hammer on the rotor of the crusher beats and turns into the metal compact in the crushing chamber. Under strong impact, the metal compact is torn, hammered and kneaded into a mass. Scrap steel can be processed by sorting equipment to obtain high quality scrap steel crushing material.

Product Advantages

Working Principle

Specifications Feed inlet size (mm) Yield (t/h) Main motor power (kw) Supporting transformer
LBPSX200 1400 3-5 200 250KVA
LBPSX250 1400 4-6 250 315KVA
LBPSX280 1600 5-7 280 400KVA
LBPSX315 1600 6-8 315 400KVA
LBPSX450 1600 8-12 450 630KVA
LBPSX600 1800 12-15 600 10KV
LBPSX750 1800 14-18 750 10KV
LBPSX900 2200 18-25 900 10KV
LBPSX1200 2200 20-30 1200 10KV
LBPSX1600 2500 35-50 1500 10KV
LBPSX2250 2600 50-70 2250 10KV
LBPSX3000 2700 60-80 3300 10KV
LBPSX4500 2700 80-150 4500 10KV
LBPSX6000 2800 100-200 6000 10KV
LBPSX7500 3000 200-300 7500 10KV