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Crawler mobile crushing station is a kind of high efficiency crushing equipment, self-driven, advanced technology, complete functions.The equipment can reach any location in the work site under any terrain conditions.This can reduce the handling of materials and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary mechanical equipment.With a wireless remote control, the crusher can be easily driven to a trailer and transported to the operation site.Since there is no assembly time, the equipment can be put to work as soon as it arrives at the site.The mobile crushing station has a large crushing ratio, and its optimized design can meet the technical characteristics most needed by crushers, with high productivity and uniform particle size of finished materials.
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Crawler mobile crushing station consists of crawler chassis, vehicle frame assembly, main engine and auxiliary equipment, power system and hydraulic electronic control system.When moving, power is provided by the power system, and the crawler chassis is driven by the hydraulic electronic control system.During installation, the power system drives the hydraulic cylinder and other actions through the hydraulic control system to automatically complete the installation of the equipment;When working, the power system drives and controls the main engine and auxiliary equipment through the hydraulic electronic control system, and the material enters the main engine mounted on the crawler chassis and the frame after crushing or screening, and then is discharged through the integrated belt conveyor.

1. The products of tracked mobile crushing station are light in weight, small in volume, and especially suitable for narrow working sites;

2. Convenient transportation, crawler walking, no damage to the road surface, equipped with multi-functional accessories, wide range of adaptability;

3. Set receiving, crushing, conveying and other processing equipment as one, through the optimization of the technological process, it has excellent crushing performance of rock crushing, aggregate production and open-pit mining. Through the combination of different types, it can form a powerful crushing operation line to complete the multi-demand processing operations;

4. The whole machine adopts all-wheel drive, can achieve in-situ steering, standard configuration, quick change device, with perfect safety protection function, especially suitable for narrow and complex areas of the site;

5. Fuel saving, fuel saving rate up to 25%;

6. Randomly attached power group - optimized design;

7. Able to climb the slope and meet the crushing requirements of mines, hydropower stations, coal mines and other projects

Crawler type moving sand making machine

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1. Mobile screen crushing equipment with multi-functional operation characteristics;

2. It is widely used in mining, coal mining and cement industry for coarse crushing of hard materials;

3. Recycling of construction waste, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites;

4. Treatment of topsoil and other materials;Separation of viscous aggregate;Construction and demolition industries;Screening after crushing;

5. Stripping crushing for cement concrete road reconstruction and asphalt concrete material re-crushing before life